Is This It, The Last Mountain?

Amidst the passing souls, no one seems to know of any others. I guess the rest are gone. They must have been blown away, maybe for mining or maybe just the waves. Or maybe they’ve been shattered, scattered by the tectonic bombs. Some were probably moved, relocated in transforming for the huge anchors that hold the cloud cities.

For my part, I haven’t seen them. This hole has been my aboard for a long time. My memory is as sharp as ever but even a demon such as I can not recall to much.

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The Last Mountain Digital Magazine is a multi media art project centered around the fictional location of the same name. Set in a dream-like post-apocalyptic future filled with strange grandeurs, esoteric creatures, and intentional inconsistent descriptions of the same thing, told with digital collage-esk art, found footage style documents, and other media forms.